Vaccinations when TSHTF

Immigrants from outside the US have brought back diseases like mumps, measles, whooping  cough and polio, back into our country.  The CDC states that anyone who got their MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) shot  before 1969, needs a new booster. I got mine today.  There is no excuse for not getting every vaccine you can. I have cancer and cannot get vaccines with live viruses in them like the shingles vaccine, but believe me, after seeing what my brother has endured now for four years, when he got shingles and the relentless nerve pain, afterward. I would if I could.

Think of this for awhile.  Say something terrible happens tomorrow and drug companies cannot get the supplies to make vaccines, or medications, What will you do?  Later I will take on the medication problem, but since some vaccines have to be taken again, every few years, like tetanus, you need to stay on top of your shots. Tetnus is a terrible way to die and hard to diagnose. This from the WebMD site: “It is seldom possible to find either the bacterium or the toxin in a suspected tetanus patient, so diagnosis can be made only on the basis of clinical observations combined with an individual’s history of tetanus immunization.”  By the time you show symptoms, you will probably die by siezing to death and it can take weeks of agony, to die.  So a little shot does not seem so bad now, does it?  Get this shot every eight years, and the Tdap is Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, so you get three for one.  Don’t wait ten years, like some people say, because if you wait, think  how much time you will have left if you can’t get it anymore and there are  no hospitals.

Get heaptitus  shots (three shots in a series) hepatitus A, pnumonia, polio, shingles if you can get it safely, tuberculosis, and typhoid.  Polio used to be a live virus, but since 2000 the US uses the dead  version, but since it is not as strong, you also need to get it in three doses. If you got one or two in the past,  WebMd also says you can get the rest  no matter how long it has been from the first ones. Another shot you can get is rabies for humans, it is also a three shot series and is not covered by most insurance unless you are exposed.  It lasts about two years, and if exposed, like an animal bite, you still have to undergo the 5 shot series with another shot right away, right into the wound.

Any tales you have heard about vaccines making us sterile or docile is just related to the flu shot, but I can tell you I am just as fiesty as ever, and I get it every year.   Also remember that the shot takes an average of two weeks to become effective.   I get my flu shot in late August, when those germ carriers go back to school and sickness has a closed space to spread in.

Another factoid to think of, well,, actually two. When I had cancer, and was in an isolation room, I got the stomach virus from the guy across the hall. He got it from his grandchildren visiting him, because their parents thought it was ok. Really?  And I got it from dietary and the nurses and techs not following universal precautions.  So if medical people can’t follow their procedures in a hospital setting, what happens when ebola gets here with an 60-80% mortality rate? The second factoid is, over 40% of people freely admit they don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom.  People die, because someone didn’t wash their hands or keep their sick kids at home.

Get the flu shot, and no, it is impossible to get the flu from the shot, it’s a dead virus, but you since the shot only protects against three or four of the average eight flu viruses going around each year, and of course, they mutate, then you just got one of the other flu not covered by that year’s shot. Just like what happened this year, the flu mutated,  But I only had the flu for three days, because the flu shot helped. nearly 100 people died in NC alone, from the flu this year. Most of them did not get the flu shot because of stupid urban rumors.  Stupidity kills.

Now, your pets, yep them too. In India, they have the largest population of feral dogs in the world.  Thousand of their citizens die from rabies, every year, because they won’t kill the dogs and they don’t vaccinate, either.   So, if you are a fool and don’t get your pets vaccinated for: rabies, distimper, feline lukemia for cats, parvo, for dogs, at least every year, or as indicated,  you will not only be responsible for their suffering, but possibly your death, or your kid’s, as well from rabies.   Rabies shots can be good for as long as three years, in low risk areas, but yearly in a high risk area. 3 years is stretching it.  You can in some areas, buy animal vaccines. Check with your vet, or ask a local farmer with livestock. then you can stockpile vaccines for your pet, just in case.

So do the right thing, get everyone you care about, vaccinated. Stay on top of it, and be well.


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