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100_0019I know this will get a lot of folks going, the evil entity that according to the X-files movie, was behind the coverup and had broad sweeping powers over any other government agency. There are web sites and facebook pages devoted to FEMA conspiracies. Fema death camps with pictures of “coffins” in the desert and fenced in complexes with FEMA signs on them.
I was raised in the sixties where question authority was, and still is  also my feeling about any government. Although ours is still the best on Earth.  Even if it has wandered away from the constitution as of late.


Obama has usurped state’s rights and now he and Hillary, if elected, can order the national guard and the military into any state, without notice or permission of the governor or congress, and declare martial lw, take your food, guns and even your 401K, and set up a dictatorship.  Nice.

FEMA was created by the Stafford act during the Jimmy Carter presidency.  Before FEMA, most small towns and counties had no disaster plan, each state and in many cases, each county, had it’s own disaster plan with different titles for it’s officials. In large, multi state disasters, like Hurricane Camille, it was total chaos.

None communicated very well with each other, they fought for the few resources there were and the disaster victims got nothing. Zip, Zilch, Zero.  The Red Cross would provide shelter for a few days and food..and then you had only your friends, family and church to help you.

So FEMA was created at first to make a unified disaster plan and offer training to emergency disaster workers and leaders.  And they still do.

Then their work was broadened to include food, water and shelter on a longer and still temporary basis.  Shelter meant tents back then.

Now it provides temporary housing units free of any formaldehyde, and even mobile homes equipped for ADD access. They give out Rental assistance, max grants, amounts determined by congress, which is currently $33,000, for home repair, disaster related medical costs, rent, personal property, if turned down by the SBA, car repair or replacement.  Also burial for the deceased, determined by the state, disaster food stamps, disaster unemployment, run by the state, and more.  The VOLAG team coordinates and works with referring victims to volunteer groups such as the Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse, the Baptist Disaster association, ASPCA, and dozens of others. They have a pet task force, a mortuary division who get caskets that have floated out of cemetaries and tries to contact family, put the deceased back in their places and re-bury the dead of any and all faiths, all for free.

July 20, 2016, Charleston, WV - These pets are West Virginia flood survivors whose pre-disaster owners can no longer keep him. they will become adoptable pets. FEMA's pet care task force worked closely with many voluntary agencies to assure pets were rescued and well cared for and, when possible reunited with their families. (Photo by Stev Zumwalt - FEMA)
July 20, 2016, Charleston, WV – These pets are West Virginia flood survivors whose pre-disaster owners can no longer keep him. they will become adoptable pets. FEMA’s pet care task force worked closely with many voluntary agencies to assure pets were rescued and well cared for and, when possible reunited with their families. (Photo by Stev Zumwalt – FEMA)

So when a disaster strikes, the governor fills out a one page form and asks for a federal declaration. In large disaster it’s automatic, In small disasters Preliminary Disaster Assements, or PDA’s are done jointly with the state, to determine the dollar amount of the damages.  Obama secretly raised the minimum to over 13 million dollars and didn’t even notify state emergency managers about it so that when they did their PDA’s they didn’t know what level they had to meet to get aide.  Hmmm.

Then FEMA, which already  has boots on the ground looking for sites for the Joint Field office and Disaster Recovery Centers, are in overdrive. Mobile disater units, housed in RV’s confiscated from drug busts and refitted, are enroute.

Once a JFO is picket out, almost always in the city of the state capital, rental agreements are signed and FEMA’s techs and logistics folks transform a building that has sometimes set empty for years, like an old box store, into a fully functional and secure building with desks, phones, walls, printers, fax machines, an entire office, in a matter of days..not weeks. They work 24/7 in baking heat or freezing cold. Holidays have no meaning to FEMA. because they say “Disaster victims don’t get holidays, why should we?”

Employees have to be FEMA flexible. You may be a supervisor on one disaster and just a regular reservist in an unairconditioned tent with portajohns and sleeping in your rental car because there are no places to sleep, the next time.  You can get called a two in the morning and are expected to jump out of bed, grab your already packed suitcase, and report for duty within 12 hours, anywhere FEMA goes, and that includes the Martial islands, Puerto rico and more.

fema tent

FEMA Disaster Recovery Center with mobile unit.

You have to have good credit, a clean driving record, a clean criminal record, a current passport  You cannot go to a bar and even have a glass of wine, in your uniform.  You have to be courteous to people who spit on you.

They have been stalked, bomb threats are common, shot at, had people try to kick down their hotel room doors, assaulted. The press almost always miss reports about them.  are we suprised..and no one ever hears about them putting their lives aside to go out in danger, where they are dissrespected..to help Americans.  Many FEMA reservists die while deployed and come home in a box.

But I digress…The state determines a lot of what FEMA does and does not do..like how much funeral aid is given to families who have a member that died from the disaster. They decide when they come and when FEMA goes.  The state takes over the FEMAvilles. Alabama and Missippi didn’t get mobile homes, after Katrina, because the governors didn’t want them..Why? because in NC, after the floods there in 1998 and 1999 from hurricanes, they had indigent people who were kicked out by family, landlords, HUD, who didn’t want them back, and these people refused to leave the temporay housing. some of these people were running drugs and prostitution out of the Mobile Homes and then went to the press and cried about FEMA turning them and their children out on the streets. By the way, the states take over the units and they decide who gets kicked out by weekly trailer inspections.

FEMA is funded by us, the tax payer. We didn’t take these people on to raise and provide free housing to. FEMA provides temporary housing until you can go back to where you lived before, or repair your home and go back to it or find another place to live. Why should we give expensive mobile homes to people who were homeless because they were drug addicts?  Or to people whose own families wouldn’t take back?  They return you to the state you were in at the time of the disaster. if you were homeless, they refer you to agencies to help you find a place to live, if you were living with family and they won’t take you back,they try to find you a place to live, often with two months rental assistance, if you were paying rent.

Smart people have actually come out better, after a disaster, with the money they got from FEMA.  Many people have used their money to go from life long renters, to home owners.  They have repaired homes and rebuilt higher and dryer. They have relocated to safer places.

Two outdated schools, in rural communities, built in the 40’s in WV, destroyed by flood, will now get new, modern, safer and cleaner schools, because of FEMA.

FEMA aid also includes public assistance, which helps with volunteer fire departments recoup money for overtime, gasoline used for trucks and chainsaws and generators, all the way to destroyed schools and public buildings, which they give 75% of the rebuilding costs, which most communities could not afford to replace or rebuild if not for FEMA, like West Virginia this year and no doubt Louisisanna.

But Craig Fugate and Obama have decided to do away with FEMA reservists. They want a cold, impersonal phone tree and online response. So you loose your home and your family member to a tornado, do you want a stupid, government run, phone tree, or a experienced human being who actually cares, sitting at a table with you?  Who, in complicated cases, can go to bat for you?

Under Obama and Fugate over HALF of the experienced FEMA reservists have quit. Now being replaced by DHS employees, many inexperienced with little or no disaster training, and who get paid less. Do you think they can do more for you?  So even the few reservists who are left, have been victims of  Obama. Some have gone two years waiting for work. They get no real benefits, because the requirments to get and keep them are almost impossible. Their jobs are not protected, either. No guarantee of work, few benefits, not appreciated,  dogged by the press and ignorent people..why would anyone want this job?

The people I know are patriotic, preppers, and Christians who love their fellow Americans enough to put up with all of this.

FEMA employee. Personal touch may soon be a way of the past.
FEMA employee. Personal touch may soon be a way of the past.

With global warming and disaster becoming more frequent and more violent, we need FEMA.

The FEMA web page has free information on prepping.

They encourage prepping and self reliance.

Most of the people who work for FEMA are already preppers.

If you are smart, you should know someone with FEMA.

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