Surviving Nuclear War

Well, this title just put me on the NSA watch list.  But you need to know what to do.  Some of us baby boomers went through the duck and cover exercises during the Cuban Missile crisis, so we have some idea.  With that nut job in North Korea threatening us as well as terrorists, it’s something we all have to consider, not just those on the West Coast.


How  much time it takes for the radiation to get to you, the distance you are from the blast, and how much shielding you need to put between you and the radiation.

If you are at work in a big city and the blast goes off over you, you are dead. But if your family is at home, 10 miles away, or you live in a rural area, 20 miles away, you have time.

You should already have a 55 gallon water barrel filled, with a syphon and water stabilizer, if you are a prepper, if not buy a water Bob, now. they fit in your bathtub, and you can fill it and draw water off of it for days. They cost under thirty dollars on E Bay and Amazon.  So everyone can afford one, keep it in the bathroom, you will not have time to search for it before the city/county water becomes contaminated. You will have to fill it right away.

If the radiation is not over you yet, and you have rain barrels, cover them and get in pets and livestock into the house and barns.  Rain water can be used to flush toilets, later on.  Go to a basement, if you have one. Radiation falls down, like snow, so the farther you are from your roof, the better.

Know where the prevailing winds blow.  If the radiation plume blows away from you, this is going to buy you even  more time.

Radiation has no smell, taste, and you cannot see it.  You may see radioactive contaminated dust, from the explosion, but not the radiation, itself.

A car has no protection, so don’t think I’ll drive to somewhere and think you will be ok. Shelter in Place, or in a storm shelter, if you have one.

Now, you have filled up everything with water, Now grab your bug out bag, or go to your shelter, and take as much food as you can with you. If you are a prepper, you should have a shelter in place or a bug out location, nearby, if not, then go to the lowest floor in the house, or basement. Seal all windows and doors, and don’t open them for anyone. If someone comes in with contaminated clothing, you will all be exposed. If your clothes are exposed, take them off, throw them out the door, and take a short shower, immediately.  It will only take minutes for city water to be contaminated, because the reservoir they pull from, will be contaminated, and you don’t want to shower  in radioactive water.

If you are in a basement and have no window, great, if you have windows, cover them with bags of dirt, if you have some for gardening.  18″ of soil will protect you and if you stack 20lb bags, lengthwise, they are about 2′ wide and a few inches thick, if you only have a few, put the entire bag against the window, for some shielding, lead, is best, but who has that around the house? Use wood, aluminum shutters, anything.

If you are in an office building, go to the basement and the lowest floor there is. Take your bug out bag with you, raid the vending and drink machines, Beverages, first, preferably, water.  Turn off the water to the building and your house, to preserve the uncontaminated water in the pipes.  Stay away from windows and doors.

So, have a bug out bag in the building with you and a lot of change for vending machines, but this is if the power is still on, if not, get a manager to allow you to break into the machines, and stockpile the food and beverages, for rationing. If you have a special diet, even more that a good reason for a bug out bag and a week’s worth of medication.  Insulin can tolerate temperatures to 80 degrees, wrap the insulin in a wet towel so the condensation will help keep it cool.

Hopefully…this is a single city attack, and FEMA, and the National Guard will come in with fresh water and food within days to the outer areas.   But radiation takes 20-30 years to dissipate from the soil and water.  There will probably be a mass evacuation, similar to the one in Japan after their plant disaster, and Chernobyl, which is still deadly hot, decades later.  Your vacation home may be your new home, or you may be living with friends and family or in FEMA funded, state, run, trailer parks, for years.  Life, will take a long time before it becomes normal.

Talk to you kids about what might happen if any disaster destroyed your home and you had to move away.  Get their minds to wrap around it and talk about what they would do, if you were separated, or even killed.  What friend or relative is close by, where would they go if you never came home?

I know it’s scary but as the Navy says, Failure to prepare is preparing to fail”

Now your preparation list. this is brief and basic.

Water! you should have a 55 gallon water barrel with syphon and water stabilizer. Water Bob for back up, and you can also get a 15 gallon water cart that you can get online.  Also get water flavorings, since we drink more water if it has a flavor and you can get ones with vitamins and electrolytes.

Food for you and your pets. freeze dried and canned. Include miso soup, it helps against radiation poisoning, because of the fermented soybean paste in it, take it right away, because it needs to be in your system, preferably, before the exposure.  So, if trouble is brewing, eat miso soup, before the attack, what can it hurt?

Io Sat tablets. Can you give it to your pets? here is an article from  AskAVetQuestion website that says that cats already get too much iodine from their food. That iodine only helps with one kind of radiation,  but here is what they said you can do if desperate:

Dogs: 1.4 mg/kg once a day. this is the same as 100mg for a 70lb dog.

Cats:  20 mg/Kg once to twice a day. But if the cat shows signs of diarrhea, twitching, vomiting, not eating, depression, hypothermia, stop immediately.

Something to cook food on. Small stoves with fuel  can be found in camping stores and online, and a lighter and waterproof matches to light it with.

Plastic sheeting and heavy duty tape to seal off areas.

Medications for a week, in a container to keep them cool and dry.

A change of clothes or at least underwear.

An emergency blanket and inflatable travel pillow.

A haz-mat suit that covers you from head to toe, including a CDC approved mask. If you go outside. The ones with a valve are more comfortable to wear. You do not want to inhale or ingest radiation! All of these can be bought online including Geiger counters,  and yes, you can get those on Amazon.

A hand crank radio/flashlight and phone charger. You will need to know what is going on, how bad the attack was, and when and where help is. Extra battery backups are always good.

Phone charger cable.

A local map and a good compass.

This should get you through 3 days to a week.  So good luck, get ready. And remember, a lot of these preps can be used for other disasters, too, so don’t say, “Oh I will never use this”, because you probably will.

The one thing missing in these old shelters, a bathroom!