Clothing preps

Clothing, now that is something a lot of people take for granted. But we all need clothes, especially in winter and since many of us don’t stay outdoors for hours in the cold, it’s amazing how fast you realise how poor that winter coat you have is in keeping you warm, especiialy when it’s raining. When I went to Alaska many years ago, we ordered guranteed water PROOF jackets from a top outdoorsman clothing company. The first time we got caught in an Alaska downpour, my coat leaked. I returnned it and they gave me my money back, no excuses. But finding a true waterproof coat is nearly impossible, So, I got a good coat, and cover it with a rain poncho. Get clothes you can layer, so you don’t have to pack as much. “Never Wet” by Black and Decker works good for waterproofing, but washes off in the laundry. It’s good for clothing and another type is good for other things, but can leave a white residue.
Buy new clothes for your preps. Why? Because you don’t want to have clothes that are already worn and given out if you have to go a year or more without stores and textile manufacturers. But always keep some worn clothes for public viewing, you don’t want people in the general public to know you are a prepper. Have some camo clothes for hunting and concealment, but don’t have everything camo, so people won’t go “That’s a prepper, and they have guns and supplies”. Don’t forget underware and bras as well as thermals and tank tops. Hats for summer and winter and gloves. Put them away in thick, plastic bags. There are several companies that have them and the ones you can squeese the air out of economise space. Off season is the best time to buy and with this mild winter, stores have winter clothes up to 90% off. don’t forget shoes and thick socks, but break in the shoes, so you know they are comfortable, before you store them away.
This is also a good time to buy totes, as many stores have them on sale and will for “Spring Cleaning” and blankets, towels and sheets will go on the sale at the useual “white sales” in January.
Clearance sales will be happening on prepper shops on stables like food, as stores try to get rid of inventory in January for taxes. Check them out, there are some excellent deals to be had.