What is “B” income and why you should have it

B income is a secondary income. All super professional people have multiple streams or back up income sources. Donald Trump has hundreds, including his real estate investment seminars.  Warren Buffett bought out The Pampered Chef and now owns it.  The first reason is obvious, you lose your job, and you have other money coming in to pay bills until you get another job, or you take that money and save it, or you take that money and live a little, like go on vacations. Which most of the people I know, do a little of both.  My parents died young and never got to do the things they planned to do when they retired, so I travel all I can with my extra income.

MLMs or multi-level marketing had received a bad name with pyramids like Amway, where only the top level people received any benefit and a super hard sales pitch.  But others have thrived, Avon had it’s biggest year last year in part because it doesn’t cost a lot to become a sales person, and you start making income the moment you sell their product,  You also benefit, because you get the product at a reduced price.   Tupperware is also like that. I just bought $100.00 worth of Tupperware at a home show, because it’s still so much better quality than anyone else.  Now most of these are marketed toward women, and that limits you. However, I still recommend them.   You could do  what I did and spend every weekend at flea markets, selling things for cheap, and setting up and tearing down and getting sunburned, and using up every weekend, to make money that just wasn’t worth it.  I tried selling in marketplaces, where I paid a small rent and didn’t have to be there, but the rent was often a break even most months, so no profit.

I get emails all the time telling me about different B income sources, and I have looked at many of them.  I have been invited to invest in prepper marketed inventions, and all of the ones I  mentioned above.  The best one I have come across was one that markets to everyone and it’s something we all do, and we enjoy. Travel.   A very successful business man I know told me to look at a video online and call him back when it was through. It was the best B income I  I used  had seen, ever. I used to be a corporate travel agent, so I know something is good when I see it.  I did some research and found out that this is a Fortune 500 company, who was audited for 3 years by Ernst and Young, top auditors in the US.  and they received the top Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2009, the top prize at the Travel Awards, in 2010 and now #47 in sales for like companies, just last month.  So they are no fly by night and no scam.  Did you watch the Super Bowl?  Did you see someone holding up a  blue sign with    “You Should Be Here”?  I did and that is their company. Therefore I endorse this company as well. And unlike other great companies like Avon, who have been around for decades, this company is fairly new, and you can join at the bottom, before everyone else joins.. And another thing is, you join, enjoy the benefit of reduced travel and never have to be a sales rep.  Wow!  Here is the web address of the video that I was shown. www.worldventures.biz select option 2 and watch.  When you decide to join, go to: http://www.bandt.dreamtrips.com/refer   select the “Become a Member”   That’s all.  Any questions, just message me.

B income is important to everyone.  More money is always good.  The richest people in the world have products we use all the time, like Facebook or the internet, but we never get any money back from them. That’s why MLM’s can be good investments of time and money. You use the product, you get it at a discounted price, and you can sell it to your friends and family.

Second jobs are guaranteed money. The traditional route is you can get a part time job at Christmas, or a seasonal job at a theme park, or even a sports venue in the summer.  Consider fast food or restaurant jobs. Don’t laugh, because you always get to eat cheap, or free, when you work and can often take home food left over at the end of the night.

So watch the video, for Worldventures, because everyone likes to travel for cheap, look around and go with a proven company. My sister was selling Avon when she was 14, to supplement her allowance, and to get to wear makeup.   You can start young or retired, and even disabled, and get B income.