2015 and Ebola

2015. Oh yeah the you tube panic mongerers are saying 2015 is IT!  that officials and bankers are dissapearing, that the FEMA camps are up and running and we are all doomed.  Really? This has been going on since 2012. Now that being said, the CDC has stated, that ebola will eventually come to the US. I have had cancer and my immune sytem is not up to snuff. In fact, because of the immune destroying addatives in our foods, almost all of us are in danger. Remember, ebola has a 60-80% death rate and the drugs that saved several Americans who contracted it overseas, take up to 6 months to produce and in very small amounts. The flood of immigrents from Mexico, welcomed by our president, are largely without immunizations and are carrying in back diseases we had irradicated in the US for decades. This is all true and not disputed.  Mersa, whooping cough, measles, polio, and next, ebola. And even the DOD admitted that if someone got ebola and were not showing symptoms yet, could easily lie about their health, trying to get to the US for our better health care. So yes, get ready.  I was recently in the hospital with pnumonia and was placed in isolation. My sister, who is an RN and I watched almost EVERY SINGLE nurse, violate the isolation, because they were either not properly trained, or lazy.  So, if nurses and other medical professionals can’t follow isolation standards, it’s no illusion that if ebola got out in a large area, it would spread like wildfire.  know they say it’s only spread by blood or fluid contamination, but coughing and sneezing is fluid, and water droplets from a sneeze can stay in the air up to 20 minutes. so if you are in the mall, and someone sneezes, you and everyone else who walks through the sneeze zone, can get infected. and think of this the next time you go out in the public, try, just try, not to touch anything and then not touch yourself, your purse of wallet, car key, steering wheel, then it’s in your home..see what I mean? So, make sure you are up on all your immunizations, get the whooping cough/tetanus shot, flu shot, and others now.  Believe me, tetanus is a horrible, long, way to die and a simple shot every few years is really worth it. If you tetanus/whooping cough booster is more than 5 years old, get a new one. Think of this, if SHTF and it was years before people could get immunised again, would you like to see your kid seize to death over several weeks, to the point their muscles contracted and only their head and heels touched the bed, because they were arched in muscle contractions, until they finally died, screaming in pain? all because of a little cut? So get the shots.
And what will you do next? If it gets out and starts to spread, at what point will you stop going to work?  You will certainly be fired, then what will you do for money? You can dump the credit cards, but your utilities, your mortgage, car  payment?  They have to be paid. Do you have enough to pay them indefinately?  Now during severe, widespread disasters, mortgage companies and utilities and even car companies have worked with folks on their payments because there were work related stops in income, but it took months before they were enacted, and how will this effect the economy if no one is paying their bills?  Another reason to be ready to move your 401k at a moments notice, if not before.  Because other countries have siezed company 401k’s.  An IRA CD, is FDIC insured, and although CD rates are low, .55% for 60 months, it’s at least guaranteed, and somewhat protected.  So I am going on a finacial diet this year. My preps are decent, but we live too close to the “hood” for my tastes. So SIP or bug out in a tent…hmm. This is to get you thinking and not panicing. but if ebola gets out, you will have only days or weeks to have everything in place, and THAT is not much time.