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I was a prepper before it had a name. have survived multiple Huuricanes. tornadoes, floods and other disasters, including an ice storm and a snowstorm of 3 feet of snow in an area that gets a couple of inches all year, if any at all. Days, even weeks without power, and no help from FEMA, because when some of this happened, it didn't exist at the time. The Red Cross shelter ran out of food and water in the first hour it opened during our first hurricane, so we learned not to expect anything, after that. Although I still feel that the Red Cross and FEMA provide needed help, you just can't do like one hurricane survivor said on tv, "when is FEMA going to bring me food and water."? Really? I didn't know they had door to door delivery service. But apparently she, and lots of other idiots, do. Don't be an idiot. Be prepared.

What is “B” income and why you should have it

B income is a secondary income. All super professional people have multiple streams or back up income sources. Donald Trump has hundreds, including his real estate investment seminars.  Warren Buffett bought out The Pampered Chef and now owns it.  The first reason is obvious, you lose your job, and you have other money coming in to pay bills until you get another job, or you take that money and save it, or you take that money and live a little, like go on vacations. Which most of the people I know, do a little of both.  My parents died young and never got to do the things they planned to do when they retired, so I travel all I can with my extra income.

MLMs or multi-level marketing had received a bad name with pyramids like Amway, where only the top level people received any benefit and a super hard sales pitch.  But others have thrived, Avon had it’s biggest year last year in part because it doesn’t cost a lot to become a sales person, and you start making income the moment you sell their product,  You also benefit, because you get the product at a reduced price.   Tupperware is also like that. I just bought $100.00 worth of Tupperware at a home show, because it’s still so much better quality than anyone else.  Now most of these are marketed toward women, and that limits you. However, I still recommend them.   You could do  what I did and spend every weekend at flea markets, selling things for cheap, and setting up and tearing down and getting sunburned, and using up every weekend, to make money that just wasn’t worth it.  I tried selling in marketplaces, where I paid a small rent and didn’t have to be there, but the rent was often a break even most months, so no profit.

I get emails all the time telling me about different B income sources, and I have looked at many of them.  I have been invited to invest in prepper marketed inventions, and all of the ones I  mentioned above.  The best one I have come across was one that markets to everyone and it’s something we all do, and we enjoy. Travel.   A very successful business man I know told me to look at a video online and call him back when it was through. It was the best B income I  I used  had seen, ever. I used to be a corporate travel agent, so I know something is good when I see it.  I did some research and found out that this is a Fortune 500 company, who was audited for 3 years by Ernst and Young, top auditors in the US.  and they received the top Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2009, the top prize at the Travel Awards, in 2010 and now #47 in sales for like companies, just last month.  So they are no fly by night and no scam.  Did you watch the Super Bowl?  Did you see someone holding up a  blue sign with    “You Should Be Here”?  I did and that is their company. Therefore I endorse this company as well. And unlike other great companies like Avon, who have been around for decades, this company is fairly new, and you can join at the bottom, before everyone else joins.. And another thing is, you join, enjoy the benefit of reduced travel and never have to be a sales rep.  Wow!  Here is the web address of the video that I was shown. select option 2 and watch.  When you decide to join, go to:   select the “Become a Member”   That’s all.  Any questions, just message me.

B income is important to everyone.  More money is always good.  The richest people in the world have products we use all the time, like Facebook or the internet, but we never get any money back from them. That’s why MLM’s can be good investments of time and money. You use the product, you get it at a discounted price, and you can sell it to your friends and family.

Second jobs are guaranteed money. The traditional route is you can get a part time job at Christmas, or a seasonal job at a theme park, or even a sports venue in the summer.  Consider fast food or restaurant jobs. Don’t laugh, because you always get to eat cheap, or free, when you work and can often take home food left over at the end of the night.

So watch the video, for Worldventures, because everyone likes to travel for cheap, look around and go with a proven company. My sister was selling Avon when she was 14, to supplement her allowance, and to get to wear makeup.   You can start young or retired, and even disabled, and get B income.

Vaccinations when TSHTF

Immigrants from outside the US have brought back diseases like mumps, measles, whooping  cough and polio, back into our country.  The CDC states that anyone who got their MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) shot  before 1969, needs a new booster. I got mine today.  There is no excuse for not getting every vaccine you can. I have cancer and cannot get vaccines with live viruses in them like the shingles vaccine, but believe me, after seeing what my brother has endured now for four years, when he got shingles and the relentless nerve pain, afterward. I would if I could.

Think of this for awhile.  Say something terrible happens tomorrow and drug companies cannot get the supplies to make vaccines, or medications, What will you do?  Later I will take on the medication problem, but since some vaccines have to be taken again, every few years, like tetanus, you need to stay on top of your shots. Tetnus is a terrible way to die and hard to diagnose. This from the WebMD site: “It is seldom possible to find either the bacterium or the toxin in a suspected tetanus patient, so diagnosis can be made only on the basis of clinical observations combined with an individual’s history of tetanus immunization.”  By the time you show symptoms, you will probably die by siezing to death and it can take weeks of agony, to die.  So a little shot does not seem so bad now, does it?  Get this shot every eight years, and the Tdap is Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, so you get three for one.  Don’t wait ten years, like some people say, because if you wait, think  how much time you will have left if you can’t get it anymore and there are  no hospitals.

Get heaptitus  shots (three shots in a series) hepatitus A, pnumonia, polio, shingles if you can get it safely, tuberculosis, and typhoid.  Polio used to be a live virus, but since 2000 the US uses the dead  version, but since it is not as strong, you also need to get it in three doses. If you got one or two in the past,  WebMd also says you can get the rest  no matter how long it has been from the first ones. Another shot you can get is rabies for humans, it is also a three shot series and is not covered by most insurance unless you are exposed.  It lasts about two years, and if exposed, like an animal bite, you still have to undergo the 5 shot series with another shot right away, right into the wound.

Any tales you have heard about vaccines making us sterile or docile is just related to the flu shot, but I can tell you I am just as fiesty as ever, and I get it every year.   Also remember that the shot takes an average of two weeks to become effective.   I get my flu shot in late August, when those germ carriers go back to school and sickness has a closed space to spread in.

Another factoid to think of, well,, actually two. When I had cancer, and was in an isolation room, I got the stomach virus from the guy across the hall. He got it from his grandchildren visiting him, because their parents thought it was ok. Really?  And I got it from dietary and the nurses and techs not following universal precautions.  So if medical people can’t follow their procedures in a hospital setting, what happens when ebola gets here with an 60-80% mortality rate? The second factoid is, over 40% of people freely admit they don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom.  People die, because someone didn’t wash their hands or keep their sick kids at home.

Get the flu shot, and no, it is impossible to get the flu from the shot, it’s a dead virus, but you since the shot only protects against three or four of the average eight flu viruses going around each year, and of course, they mutate, then you just got one of the other flu not covered by that year’s shot. Just like what happened this year, the flu mutated,  But I only had the flu for three days, because the flu shot helped. nearly 100 people died in NC alone, from the flu this year. Most of them did not get the flu shot because of stupid urban rumors.  Stupidity kills.

Now, your pets, yep them too. In India, they have the largest population of feral dogs in the world.  Thousand of their citizens die from rabies, every year, because they won’t kill the dogs and they don’t vaccinate, either.   So, if you are a fool and don’t get your pets vaccinated for: rabies, distimper, feline lukemia for cats, parvo, for dogs, at least every year, or as indicated,  you will not only be responsible for their suffering, but possibly your death, or your kid’s, as well from rabies.   Rabies shots can be good for as long as three years, in low risk areas, but yearly in a high risk area. 3 years is stretching it.  You can in some areas, buy animal vaccines. Check with your vet, or ask a local farmer with livestock. then you can stockpile vaccines for your pet, just in case.

So do the right thing, get everyone you care about, vaccinated. Stay on top of it, and be well.


Prepping on a Budget

Well, so you are going to prepare for disasters. Good for you.  Now if you are like most people, you need to make your money count, and I will start with shelter.  SIP or shelter in place is the least expensive form. If you have a basement, even better.  However, a full, underground basement has limited access and egress, so you want to  think about being trapped. Don’t want to stay at home? Consider A canvas tent, although they are more expensive than a tent you buy at walmart, they last a lot longer. But we will touch on shelter in detail, later, You just need to think about your options now.There are ways to fortify your home or apartment, but that is another blog.  Secondly, water. You need 2 quarts of water per person per day and water for  our pets as well. Water weighs 7lbs per gallon.  Those 55 gallon water barrels seem great, but try to move it. However, there are smaller 5 and 15 gallon units out there and they are on wheels. They run around $40.00 and you can store several of them as you can afford them .This is a good start as the barrel is around $199.00 and then you need the siphon, etc.  You will need water stabilizer.  This will kill off algie and that lovely slime that sets up in water that sits too long. Don’t use milk jugs!  They will eventually errode and start to leak, however, thicker bottles that juce comes in are fine for a cheap alternative. Water bob, is a huge bag you place in your bathtub and fill for short term use. and costs around $30.00. Because if it’s in the tub, you have to bathe somewhere else. Speaking of bathing, solar showers can be found for under $10.00.  You will need to bathe. You can also get adult baby wipes.  Potable water is water you can bathe in or use to flush the toilet. you can store it without stabilizer, just remember to keep them labled, The average toilet takes3-5 gallons to flush. And yes, you can use the toilet if the water is off. However…in a long term situation where the city/county wast treatment plant isn’t puming, sewage may back up in the lines. This is a good reason to have a back flow valve on your lines near the street.  If you have septic and a pump, better get a solar generator for backup power.  They are pricey, but fuel generators will eventually run out of fuel, depending on how much gas you can store safely. We have a dog pen in our back yeard, and we store our gas cans in it, inside a rubbermaid chest.  We lock the chest and the pen door. Also a tip, if you have a riding lawn mower, it will hold 5 gallons or more of gas, and most thieves don’t think to ssteal gas from a lawnmower. Remeber to use gas stabilizer for gas that is stored more than a month.  Northern tools has 2 large, rolling gas cans thaat hold 14 gallons of gas. you can get the gravity fed nozzel  tank or one with a battery pump on it, but it costs more. Storing gas is a good idea now, while prices are low. Just remember to rotate all supplies, gas, food, water.Food! you can go up to 40+ days without food, but the longer you go, the weaker you get, and if you are a diabetic, you can die even sooner. There are several foods that never go bad, kept cool and dry. Salt, sugar, honey, rice, vinegar, cornstarch, hard liquor, and pure vanilla extract.
Cheap food..first, know when food goes on sale. Condiments go on sale every 4th of July and Mememorial day, stock up on them then.  Canned sweet potatoes, green beans, etc, go on sale around Thanksgiving.  Shop those sales! Walmart now has many canned vegetables for 50 cents a can.  Make sure you check the experation dates. Canned food, kept in a cool area, can even be eaten a year after it expires.  Buy food you eat all the time, then buy some food you eat once in awhile, to give you variety. Food boredom is something you have to consider, especially with kids.  Spices. get them at the dollar stores, and seal them. A food sealer is a good investment. the thicker bags keep out more than frostbite. On non parishable goods like spices, rice, sugar, etc, they keep out critters.  Coolers!  they aren’t just for beer. They make great critter proof storage for dry goods.  We go to auctions and pick up even huge coolers for cheap. You have to protect you food, or when disaster strikes, and you go to your food storage and find rats, weavels, cockroaches and ants in your food, you won’t be happy. Don’t forget the pickles! pickled food has been around since the middle ages, but get them in glass jars, plastic leaches oxygen and even picks up flavors from sitting on cement floors.  So pickles and add some sauces, like steak sauce, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, salsa to add to foods and kick up the flavor. Mustard keeps a long time, too. Get mustard with tumeric in it, for the added health benifit. Remember, in a long term disaster, you will need your vitamins and fiber. Make your food count!  Get foods like sweet potatoes and carrots that have betacarotine in them , add dried fruits ando your food preps, and don’t forget to add something sweet. Chocolate, honey, jams and peanutbutter are good things to have on hand for your sweet tooth and comfort food needs.  Yes, MRE’s and freeze dried foods like Mountain House are also a good investment, sign up on sites selling those foods, and watch for their sales. The pilot crakers are good for cheese, peanut butter, meatloaf, and any mini sandwich you desire, even with gravy.  Big Lots stores have a Buzz Club you can join and a few times a year they have a 20% off coupon they will email you for anything in the store, and that’s for everything you buy.  Hodgkin Mill gluten free mixes can be bought there, libby brand sausage gravy is great, and is also found there.So this will get you started.  Shop the sales, sign up for sale emails and discounts, think ahead and get going! Next we will talk about bug out bag

About us

New to prepping?  Or experienced? Either way, I have some tips for thrifty prepping and what you need to do for things you may not have thought of.   I have years of experience as a disaster victim and working for state and federal disaster programs.  I have been through hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and ice and snow storms, and I was a prepper before the term came about.  Together we will prepare for all of the above and new disasters  including pandemics and nuclear and EMPs.

 If it’s survivable, you can be ready!

2015 and Ebola

2015. Oh yeah the you tube panic mongerers are saying 2015 is IT!  that officials and bankers are dissapearing, that the FEMA camps are up and running and we are all doomed.  Really? This has been going on since 2012. Now that being said, the CDC has stated, that ebola will eventually come to the US. I have had cancer and my immune sytem is not up to snuff. In fact, because of the immune destroying addatives in our foods, almost all of us are in danger. Remember, ebola has a 60-80% death rate and the drugs that saved several Americans who contracted it overseas, take up to 6 months to produce and in very small amounts. The flood of immigrents from Mexico, welcomed by our president, are largely without immunizations and are carrying in back diseases we had irradicated in the US for decades. This is all true and not disputed.  Mersa, whooping cough, measles, polio, and next, ebola. And even the DOD admitted that if someone got ebola and were not showing symptoms yet, could easily lie about their health, trying to get to the US for our better health care. So yes, get ready.  I was recently in the hospital with pnumonia and was placed in isolation. My sister, who is an RN and I watched almost EVERY SINGLE nurse, violate the isolation, because they were either not properly trained, or lazy.  So, if nurses and other medical professionals can’t follow isolation standards, it’s no illusion that if ebola got out in a large area, it would spread like wildfire.  know they say it’s only spread by blood or fluid contamination, but coughing and sneezing is fluid, and water droplets from a sneeze can stay in the air up to 20 minutes. so if you are in the mall, and someone sneezes, you and everyone else who walks through the sneeze zone, can get infected. and think of this the next time you go out in the public, try, just try, not to touch anything and then not touch yourself, your purse of wallet, car key, steering wheel, then it’s in your home..see what I mean? So, make sure you are up on all your immunizations, get the whooping cough/tetanus shot, flu shot, and others now.  Believe me, tetanus is a horrible, long, way to die and a simple shot every few years is really worth it. If you tetanus/whooping cough booster is more than 5 years old, get a new one. Think of this, if SHTF and it was years before people could get immunised again, would you like to see your kid seize to death over several weeks, to the point their muscles contracted and only their head and heels touched the bed, because they were arched in muscle contractions, until they finally died, screaming in pain? all because of a little cut? So get the shots.
And what will you do next? If it gets out and starts to spread, at what point will you stop going to work?  You will certainly be fired, then what will you do for money? You can dump the credit cards, but your utilities, your mortgage, car  payment?  They have to be paid. Do you have enough to pay them indefinately?  Now during severe, widespread disasters, mortgage companies and utilities and even car companies have worked with folks on their payments because there were work related stops in income, but it took months before they were enacted, and how will this effect the economy if no one is paying their bills?  Another reason to be ready to move your 401k at a moments notice, if not before.  Because other countries have siezed company 401k’s.  An IRA CD, is FDIC insured, and although CD rates are low, .55% for 60 months, it’s at least guaranteed, and somewhat protected.  So I am going on a finacial diet this year. My preps are decent, but we live too close to the “hood” for my tastes. So SIP or bug out in a tent…hmm. This is to get you thinking and not panicing. but if ebola gets out, you will have only days or weeks to have everything in place, and THAT is not much time.