Making a quarantine room

With the flu being so deadly, and with the chance of North Korea launching a small pox or anthrax  attack, this is a good time to get your supplies for a quarantine room. First, get a tub to put all the supplies in and label it.
Here is your supply list:
1. two or more large rolls of heavy plastic, preferably clear or semi clear plastic sheeting. Enough to cover an entire room including the ceiling. Or, you can use a tent, either inside the house, or outside.      A simple pop up tent frame, covered in plastic inside a bedroom will work and use less plastic.
2. heavy duty duct tape, also, enough to tape all that plastic.
3. nitrite gloves, different sizes
4. approved CDC N95 masks I suggest the ones with breathing valves, so the mask does not get steamed up.
5. a good, full body, hazmat suit.. you can get them online and in Xl sizes. remember, you may be putting them on over your clothes. if not that, get disposable gowns and face shields or goggles. and hair covering, like a shower cap or surgical head covering.
6. bed pads, disposable is best or washable.
7. a bucket or two for bodily fluids, or bedside commode.
8. heavy duty construction garbage bags 55 gal or larger. These can also be used for body bags.
9. foot coverings
10. antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer for inside the room and outside, with wash tubs and baby wipes or adult bath wipes.
11. garbage cans for inside and outside the room.
12. portable shower tent.                                                                                          13.  bleach  and sanitizer spray                                                                                      14. plastic mattress  covers for every bed in the sick room. ( you can buy them cheap at Walmart in the bedding department).                      15. large tub to stand in while bathing in the solar shower.                   16. cheap pajamas and gowns for the sick people to sleep in that can be bleached or thrown out.  If you can get hospital gowns, those are the best.                                                                                                                                17. Medications: put these in your first aid area. get Tylenol, aspirin, vapo rub, over the counter flu medications, cough and soar throat medications, thermometer, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide.  Also stock up on broths, soups, and even jello that does not require refrigeration.                                                                                                                                                  If illness is around, you may want to make up the room in advance so you can put anyone sick in the room right away.
Choose a room or even a basement or storage barn, away from the other living areas. Tape plastic and duct tape over any and all vents, do NOT put someone in a room with an intake vent or you will spread it all over the building. Then, once the vents are covered, tape plastic on all the walls, doors, and even the ceiling.
Make a separate air lock room outside the door of the sick room to help keep contaminated air from getting out.
set up the portable shower tent inside the room.
Place a box fan in a window to create a reverse, negative pressure room, blowing the contaminated air out, and make sure it is away from other windows and doors.

Make up a bed or even several beds in the same room.  First cover the mattress in the plastic cover,  then  in sheets than can be thrown out of bleached.  Use a pillow that can also be disposed of. Get a blanket that can be bleached or thrown out. Put down the bed pads to catch fluids.  Put trash cans near the bed with the heavy duty construction liners.

Set up the portable shower. Have at least two solar shower bags. put the wash tubs, towlets, soap and sanitizer hand lotion and spray on a table near the shower. The shower tent can also be used as a bathroom for privacy if there is more than one person in the room. Put the portable commode inside it.  

Put water, food and juice on a table by the bed.  Drinking fluids is vital when you are sick. Have a phone in the room, so they can communicate with you,  and a charger for the phone. have a radio, TV, or even books and magazines for them, so they don’t get bored as they recover.

Once someone becomes ill, put a mask on them, and have  them go into the room, have them shower, standing in a large tub to catch the grey water. Put on your haz mat clothing.  Throw out the water outside or down the toilet and flush it.  bleach the tub and return to the room. Everyone who has been in contact with them must shower, and change clothes, then wash or dispose of those clothes.  Clothes must be washed in bleach and hot water.  Sanitize all surfaces that person touched.  Sanitizer spray is good, because it gets into crevices wipes don’t always get.  Don’t forget phones, remotes, games,  door knobs, bathrooms, faucets, and throw out books and magazines. (Don’t touch magazines in a doctor’s office. ).

take their clothes and throw them out in a heavy duty trash bag. Put them in pajamas or a gown.

set up the person with food that they can tolerate, fluids, Tylenol for fever and pain.  If they can get to a doctor, or if a doctor will call them medications in, go get them.

If symptoms worsen, call 911.  If there is no emergency medical help, treat the symptoms, force fluids, and encourage them to clean themselves, every day with the wipes.  this will help from causing reinfection of themselves and others. If you need to send things into them ,slide them in, if possible. If you must go in, don all the protective gear, leave the room at the airlock and take all the coverings off and throw into the trash and dispose of it.  Goggles and other things that can be cleaned, place in a tub of water with bleach and air dry. Bathe, head to toe. Wash your clothing separate from the sick person’s bedding and clothes. Bleach is your friend, it kills everything. Store lots of it.

Once they get well, this requires they go at least 24 hours after all symptoms and fever has stopped. Have them shower, again, and put on clean clothes.  Get in your hazmat clothing and clean the room.  Get a spray bottle and use bleach mixed with water. Dispose by burning, or bleach in hot water, all clothes and bedding.   Throw out all books and magazines. With smallpox, don’t take chances and dispose of everything.   Clean the room with bleach water and sanitizing spray. Sanitize spray the phone and anything that person could have touched, including remotes, games, other electronics, the radio and TV.  Hose them down, thoroughly!   Take the tent and tubs outside and bleach them, rinse, and let them air dry in the sun. Sunlight kills a lot of viruses.  If they die, notify the health department, call 911.  If there is no authority, you must dispose of the body in a large, heavy duty garbage bag, or a body bag, if you have one.  Dig a grave, or burn the body, or pile rocks on the body, so animals cannot get to it.




Surviving Nuclear War

Well, this title just put me on the NSA watch list.  But you need to know what to do.  Some of us baby boomers went through the duck and cover exercises during the Cuban Missile crisis, so we have some idea.  With that nut job in North Korea threatening us as well as terrorists, it’s something we all have to consider, not just those on the West Coast.


How  much time it takes for the radiation to get to you, the distance you are from the blast, and how much shielding you need to put between you and the radiation.

If you are at work in a big city and the blast goes off over you, you are dead. But if your family is at home, 10 miles away, or you live in a rural area, 20 miles away, you have time.

You should already have a 55 gallon water barrel filled, with a syphon and water stabilizer, if you are a prepper, if not buy a water Bob, now. they fit in your bathtub, and you can fill it and draw water off of it for days. They cost under thirty dollars on E Bay and Amazon.  So everyone can afford one, keep it in the bathroom, you will not have time to search for it before the city/county water becomes contaminated. You will have to fill it right away.

If the radiation is not over you yet, and you have rain barrels, cover them and get in pets and livestock into the house and barns.  Rain water can be used to flush toilets, later on.  Go to a basement, if you have one. Radiation falls down, like snow, so the farther you are from your roof, the better.

Know where the prevailing winds blow.  If the radiation plume blows away from you, this is going to buy you even  more time.

Radiation has no smell, taste, and you cannot see it.  You may see radioactive contaminated dust, from the explosion, but not the radiation, itself.

A car has no protection, so don’t think I’ll drive to somewhere and think you will be ok. Shelter in Place, or in a storm shelter, if you have one.

Now, you have filled up everything with water, Now grab your bug out bag, or go to your shelter, and take as much food as you can with you. If you are a prepper, you should have a shelter in place or a bug out location, nearby, if not, then go to the lowest floor in the house, or basement. Seal all windows and doors, and don’t open them for anyone. If someone comes in with contaminated clothing, you will all be exposed. If your clothes are exposed, take them off, throw them out the door, and take a short shower, immediately.  It will only take minutes for city water to be contaminated, because the reservoir they pull from, will be contaminated, and you don’t want to shower  in radioactive water.

If you are in a basement and have no window, great, if you have windows, cover them with bags of dirt, if you have some for gardening.  18″ of soil will protect you and if you stack 20lb bags, lengthwise, they are about 2′ wide and a few inches thick, if you only have a few, put the entire bag against the window, for some shielding, lead, is best, but who has that around the house? Use wood, aluminum shutters, anything.

If you are in an office building, go to the basement and the lowest floor there is. Take your bug out bag with you, raid the vending and drink machines, Beverages, first, preferably, water.  Turn off the water to the building and your house, to preserve the uncontaminated water in the pipes.  Stay away from windows and doors.

So, have a bug out bag in the building with you and a lot of change for vending machines, but this is if the power is still on, if not, get a manager to allow you to break into the machines, and stockpile the food and beverages, for rationing. If you have a special diet, even more that a good reason for a bug out bag and a week’s worth of medication.  Insulin can tolerate temperatures to 80 degrees, wrap the insulin in a wet towel so the condensation will help keep it cool.

Hopefully…this is a single city attack, and FEMA, and the National Guard will come in with fresh water and food within days to the outer areas.   But radiation takes 20-30 years to dissipate from the soil and water.  There will probably be a mass evacuation, similar to the one in Japan after their plant disaster, and Chernobyl, which is still deadly hot, decades later.  Your vacation home may be your new home, or you may be living with friends and family or in FEMA funded, state, run, trailer parks, for years.  Life, will take a long time before it becomes normal.

Talk to you kids about what might happen if any disaster destroyed your home and you had to move away.  Get their minds to wrap around it and talk about what they would do, if you were separated, or even killed.  What friend or relative is close by, where would they go if you never came home?

I know it’s scary but as the Navy says, Failure to prepare is preparing to fail”

Now your preparation list. this is brief and basic.

Water! you should have a 55 gallon water barrel with syphon and water stabilizer. Water Bob for back up, and you can also get a 15 gallon water cart that you can get online.  Also get water flavorings, since we drink more water if it has a flavor and you can get ones with vitamins and electrolytes.

Food for you and your pets. freeze dried and canned. Include miso soup, it helps against radiation poisoning, because of the fermented soybean paste in it, take it right away, because it needs to be in your system, preferably, before the exposure.  So, if trouble is brewing, eat miso soup, before the attack, what can it hurt?

Io Sat tablets. Can you give it to your pets? here is an article from  AskAVetQuestion website that says that cats already get too much iodine from their food. That iodine only helps with one kind of radiation,  but here is what they said you can do if desperate:

Dogs: 1.4 mg/kg once a day. this is the same as 100mg for a 70lb dog.

Cats:  20 mg/Kg once to twice a day. But if the cat shows signs of diarrhea, twitching, vomiting, not eating, depression, hypothermia, stop immediately.

Something to cook food on. Small stoves with fuel  can be found in camping stores and online, and a lighter and waterproof matches to light it with.

Plastic sheeting and heavy duty tape to seal off areas.

Medications for a week, in a container to keep them cool and dry.

A change of clothes or at least underwear.

An emergency blanket and inflatable travel pillow.

A haz-mat suit that covers you from head to toe, including a CDC approved mask. If you go outside. The ones with a valve are more comfortable to wear. You do not want to inhale or ingest radiation! All of these can be bought online including Geiger counters,  and yes, you can get those on Amazon.

A hand crank radio/flashlight and phone charger. You will need to know what is going on, how bad the attack was, and when and where help is. Extra battery backups are always good.

Phone charger cable.

A local map and a good compass.

This should get you through 3 days to a week.  So good luck, get ready. And remember, a lot of these preps can be used for other disasters, too, so don’t say, “Oh I will never use this”, because you probably will.

The one thing missing in these old shelters, a bathroom!





About FEMA


100_0019I know this will get a lot of folks going, the evil entity that according to the X-files movie, was behind the coverup and had broad sweeping powers over any other government agency. There are web sites and facebook pages devoted to FEMA conspiracies. Fema death camps with pictures of “coffins” in the desert and fenced in complexes with FEMA signs on them.
I was raised in the sixties where question authority was, and still is  also my feeling about any government. Although ours is still the best on Earth.  Even if it has wandered away from the constitution as of late.


Obama has usurped state’s rights and now he and Hillary, if elected, can order the national guard and the military into any state, without notice or permission of the governor or congress, and declare martial lw, take your food, guns and even your 401K, and set up a dictatorship.  Nice.

FEMA was created by the Stafford act during the Jimmy Carter presidency.  Before FEMA, most small towns and counties had no disaster plan, each state and in many cases, each county, had it’s own disaster plan with different titles for it’s officials. In large, multi state disasters, like Hurricane Camille, it was total chaos.

None communicated very well with each other, they fought for the few resources there were and the disaster victims got nothing. Zip, Zilch, Zero.  The Red Cross would provide shelter for a few days and food..and then you had only your friends, family and church to help you.

So FEMA was created at first to make a unified disaster plan and offer training to emergency disaster workers and leaders.  And they still do.

Then their work was broadened to include food, water and shelter on a longer and still temporary basis.  Shelter meant tents back then.

Now it provides temporary housing units free of any formaldehyde, and even mobile homes equipped for ADD access. They give out Rental assistance, max grants, amounts determined by congress, which is currently $33,000, for home repair, disaster related medical costs, rent, personal property, if turned down by the SBA, car repair or replacement.  Also burial for the deceased, determined by the state, disaster food stamps, disaster unemployment, run by the state, and more.  The VOLAG team coordinates and works with referring victims to volunteer groups such as the Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse, the Baptist Disaster association, ASPCA, and dozens of others. They have a pet task force, a mortuary division who get caskets that have floated out of cemetaries and tries to contact family, put the deceased back in their places and re-bury the dead of any and all faiths, all for free.

July 20, 2016, Charleston, WV - These pets are West Virginia flood survivors whose pre-disaster owners can no longer keep him. they will become adoptable pets. FEMA's pet care task force worked closely with many voluntary agencies to assure pets were rescued and well cared for and, when possible reunited with their families. (Photo by Stev Zumwalt - FEMA)
July 20, 2016, Charleston, WV – These pets are West Virginia flood survivors whose pre-disaster owners can no longer keep him. they will become adoptable pets. FEMA’s pet care task force worked closely with many voluntary agencies to assure pets were rescued and well cared for and, when possible reunited with their families. (Photo by Stev Zumwalt – FEMA)

So when a disaster strikes, the governor fills out a one page form and asks for a federal declaration. In large disaster it’s automatic, In small disasters Preliminary Disaster Assements, or PDA’s are done jointly with the state, to determine the dollar amount of the damages.  Obama secretly raised the minimum to over 13 million dollars and didn’t even notify state emergency managers about it so that when they did their PDA’s they didn’t know what level they had to meet to get aide.  Hmmm.

Then FEMA, which already  has boots on the ground looking for sites for the Joint Field office and Disaster Recovery Centers, are in overdrive. Mobile disater units, housed in RV’s confiscated from drug busts and refitted, are enroute.

Once a JFO is picket out, almost always in the city of the state capital, rental agreements are signed and FEMA’s techs and logistics folks transform a building that has sometimes set empty for years, like an old box store, into a fully functional and secure building with desks, phones, walls, printers, fax machines, an entire office, in a matter of days..not weeks. They work 24/7 in baking heat or freezing cold. Holidays have no meaning to FEMA. because they say “Disaster victims don’t get holidays, why should we?”

Employees have to be FEMA flexible. You may be a supervisor on one disaster and just a regular reservist in an unairconditioned tent with portajohns and sleeping in your rental car because there are no places to sleep, the next time.  You can get called a two in the morning and are expected to jump out of bed, grab your already packed suitcase, and report for duty within 12 hours, anywhere FEMA goes, and that includes the Martial islands, Puerto rico and more.

fema tent

FEMA Disaster Recovery Center with mobile unit.

You have to have good credit, a clean driving record, a clean criminal record, a current passport  You cannot go to a bar and even have a glass of wine, in your uniform.  You have to be courteous to people who spit on you.

They have been stalked, bomb threats are common, shot at, had people try to kick down their hotel room doors, assaulted. The press almost always miss reports about them.  are we suprised..and no one ever hears about them putting their lives aside to go out in danger, where they are help Americans.  Many FEMA reservists die while deployed and come home in a box.

But I digress…The state determines a lot of what FEMA does and does not how much funeral aid is given to families who have a member that died from the disaster. They decide when they come and when FEMA goes.  The state takes over the FEMAvilles. Alabama and Missippi didn’t get mobile homes, after Katrina, because the governors didn’t want them..Why? because in NC, after the floods there in 1998 and 1999 from hurricanes, they had indigent people who were kicked out by family, landlords, HUD, who didn’t want them back, and these people refused to leave the temporay housing. some of these people were running drugs and prostitution out of the Mobile Homes and then went to the press and cried about FEMA turning them and their children out on the streets. By the way, the states take over the units and they decide who gets kicked out by weekly trailer inspections.

FEMA is funded by us, the tax payer. We didn’t take these people on to raise and provide free housing to. FEMA provides temporary housing until you can go back to where you lived before, or repair your home and go back to it or find another place to live. Why should we give expensive mobile homes to people who were homeless because they were drug addicts?  Or to people whose own families wouldn’t take back?  They return you to the state you were in at the time of the disaster. if you were homeless, they refer you to agencies to help you find a place to live, if you were living with family and they won’t take you back,they try to find you a place to live, often with two months rental assistance, if you were paying rent.

Smart people have actually come out better, after a disaster, with the money they got from FEMA.  Many people have used their money to go from life long renters, to home owners.  They have repaired homes and rebuilt higher and dryer. They have relocated to safer places.

Two outdated schools, in rural communities, built in the 40’s in WV, destroyed by flood, will now get new, modern, safer and cleaner schools, because of FEMA.

FEMA aid also includes public assistance, which helps with volunteer fire departments recoup money for overtime, gasoline used for trucks and chainsaws and generators, all the way to destroyed schools and public buildings, which they give 75% of the rebuilding costs, which most communities could not afford to replace or rebuild if not for FEMA, like West Virginia this year and no doubt Louisisanna.

But Craig Fugate and Obama have decided to do away with FEMA reservists. They want a cold, impersonal phone tree and online response. So you loose your home and your family member to a tornado, do you want a stupid, government run, phone tree, or a experienced human being who actually cares, sitting at a table with you?  Who, in complicated cases, can go to bat for you?

Under Obama and Fugate over HALF of the experienced FEMA reservists have quit. Now being replaced by DHS employees, many inexperienced with little or no disaster training, and who get paid less. Do you think they can do more for you?  So even the few reservists who are left, have been victims of  Obama. Some have gone two years waiting for work. They get no real benefits, because the requirments to get and keep them are almost impossible. Their jobs are not protected, either. No guarantee of work, few benefits, not appreciated,  dogged by the press and ignorent people..why would anyone want this job?

The people I know are patriotic, preppers, and Christians who love their fellow Americans enough to put up with all of this.

FEMA employee. Personal touch may soon be a way of the past.
FEMA employee. Personal touch may soon be a way of the past.

With global warming and disaster becoming more frequent and more violent, we need FEMA.

The FEMA web page has free information on prepping.

They encourage prepping and self reliance.

Most of the people who work for FEMA are already preppers.

If you are smart, you should know someone with FEMA.

Preparing for Pandemics

The very first pandemic in recorded history was described by Thucydides. In 430 BC, during the Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta, the Greek historian told of a great pestilence that wiped out over 30,000 of the citizens of Athens which was one to two thirds of the population.

Thucydides described the disease as such “People in good health were all of a sudden attacked by violent heats in the head, and redness and inflammation in the eyes, the inward parts, such as the throat or tongue, becoming bloody and emitting an unnatural and fetid breath.” Next came coughing, diarrhea, spasms, and skin ulcers. A handful survived, but often without their fingers, sights, and even genitals.” This sounds like septicemic plague. Septicemic plague, happens when the bacteria enter the blood from the lymphatic or respiratory system. Patients with septicemic plague develop gangrenes in their fingers and toes, which turn the skin black (which gives the disease its moniker) though rare, this form of the disease is almost always fatal – often killing its victims the same day the symptoms appear.

gangrene due to ebola

Photo and Source: Insecta-Inspecta

In 541-542 AD. There was an outbreak in the Byzantine Empire that killed up to 10,000 people a day in Constantinople. They died so fast, they couldn’t bury the dead. It was the first Black plague pandemic. There would be two more, the last ended in 1959 and killed over two million people in India and China, alone.

But by far, Flu pandemics have killed more, an estimated two billion people have died from forms of the flu.

The Center for Disease Control, or the CDC, monitors diseases around the world. What they are, how they begin and end and how they travel. The CDC uses this information to determine which flu viruses are likely to effect the American population months in advance of the September flu season, when kids go back to school, and makes the multi flu vaccine.

Before this, flu would decimate large amounts of people, such as in 1918, when over 600 thousand Americans died. And most of these victims were healthy adults in the prime of their lives. Back then, we were healthier, as a nation. Most people walked everywhere, for miles, ate whole foods without preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or pesticides and fertilizer. Animals weren’t fed grain mixed with other animals, or steroids and antibiotics.

Here is excerpt from the US Department of Health and Human Services for the State of North Carolina. The typos are their own.

States were not required to report flu victims until September, 27th 1918, and only women and children. so on that day……

pandemic flu chart 1819

In 1920 the population of North Carolina was 2.55 million.  That is now, almost the population of Mecklenburg County and the city of Charlotte, alone. In 1920 the majority of people lived in rural areas. No city had more than 70, 000 people.

This flu started with a high fever that often killed it’s victims in only three days. There were three waves and from the first to the third, the virus mutated into an even deadlier form that killed young men and women, particularly a high percentage of pregnant women.  23 to 71% of pregnant women died and 26% lost their children.

On september 27th, North Carolina reported to the public health service.  With cases reported from Raleigh to Wilmington,  officials tersley reported that ” all the hospitals are crowded”.  In the first week in October,  the flu was epidemic in Raleigh and Wilmington. They reported that the outbreak was particially bad in Fayeteville. By the last week in October, officials were optomistic that the worst was over.

In the wake of the pandemic, local officials in North Carolina estimated that over thirteen thousand died. But these numbers were no doubt small, because entire families died and the numbers did not include men for some unknown reason.

During the pandemic, State officials in North Carolina were quick to respond, and advised communities that once the flu showed up, to close schools, factories and cancel all public meetings. Local officials grimly noted that the flu had spread north, from Wilmington, via the railways. During the height of the pandemic, doctors noted that in some areas the flu changed and people died within three days, volunteers delivered soup and food to families too sick to walk or even cook for themselves.

By October 6th,  Winston-Salem shut down churches and canceled social functions.  By the 16th and 17th, soda fountains, tobacco houses and shops were closed. Farmers stopped farming and people didn’t even speak to each other for fear of getting sick.  Children stayed indoors and Doctors and nurses worked for days without sleep.

On October 24th, all of Charlotte was quaranteened.  There were already 400 reported cases and many more at Camp Greene. On November 14th, the government vessel  City of Savannah, had arrived two days earlier with 1,900 Puerto Ricans in Wilmington, to build Camp Bragg. When it left, 28 had died.

Most influenza outbreaks disproportionately kill children, elderly, or already weakened patients; in contrast, the 1918 pandemic predominantly killed previously healthy young adults. Modern research, using virus taken from the bodies of frozen victims, has concluded that the virus kills through a cytokine storm (overreaction of the body’s immune system). The strong immune reactions of young adults ravaged the body, whereas the weaker immune systems of children and middle-aged adults resulted in fewer deaths among those groups.

pandemic ft riley kansaspandemic child grave marker

In the end,  7%-10% of the entire world population died. More than from the Black Death in the middle ages.

Native tribes had entire villages wiped out. Just like when they were intentionally infected with smallpox by settlers from Europe and Great Britain when they colonized America.

  This flu from 1918 is still out there. It’s called the H1N1.

So much for the history lesson.

And now the CDC states that it’s not a matter of if, but when. Ebola will come to the US.

It has a 60-80% mortality rate among healthy adults.

Even if you survive, it can hide in your body and come back as a stronger, and antibiotic resistant form.

The Andromeda strain

Scientists have long known that viruses can and have, come to Earth on meteors. In the movie Andromeda Strain, it comes in on a satellite that has gathered a specimen the size of a pin head. The virus it carries kills an entire town and nearly spreads to kill off most of the Earth’s population.  If you think this is far fetched or a Sci fi story, it has already happened.

The Kerala red rain phenomenon was a blood rain (red rain) event that occurred from 25 July to 23 September 2001, when heavy downpours of red-colored rain fell sporadically on the southern Indian state of Kerala. Black rain was also reported. Colored rain was also reported in Kerala in 1896 and several times since, most recently in June of 2012.

After intense analysis at two labs in the UK, Astronomer Chandra Wickramasinghe who studied the cells with microbiologists at Cardiff University says that “As the days pass, I’m getting more and more convinced that these are exceedingly unusual biological cells. The Red Rain cells of 2001 multiply under extreme heat and were found not to contain DNA.“ Now cells that do not contain DNA should scare you.
Louis published his results in the journal Astrophysics and Space in 2006, along with the tentative suggestion that the cells could be extraterrestrial, perhaps from a comet that had disintegrated in the upper atmosphere and then seeded clouds as the cells floated down to Earth. In fact, Louis says there were reports in the region of a sonic boom-type noise at the time, which could have been caused by the disintegration of an object in the upper atmosphere.*india red rainindia red rain 2

Samples of the red rain in India. *From the Mysteries of India web page.

So, a meteor could bring down death as well. Paranoid now?

So here is the scenario: Week one.

A working, but poor, man becomes infected with Ebola in Africa. In a panic, before he shows symptoms, he empties his bank account and buys a last minute, one way ticket to the United States. He knows his best chance to survive is in a US hospital.

The flight takes 25 hours, including a small layover in London.  He arrives in New York at 8:30 in the morning, he checks into a hotel on the outskirts of town and waits 24 hours for his fever to start.  He eats the complimentary breakfast in the common breakfast area, checks out, and takes a cab to the nearest hospital.

In the busy Emergency room, the woman checking in patients does not ask if he has come from a country outside the US, recently. They see so many international people, she assumes he is just another immigrant.  They don’t ask for green cards or visa papers in the ER.

She sends him to the waiting room, where he is called over by the finance officer. She asks if he has insurance, he says “no” and has him fill out a form. She doesn’t notice where he comes from, just puts the form in a basket for later data entry.  His fever is running high and he has now begun to cough and sneeze.  Even though there are masks in the waiting room, he does not put one on, nor is he asked to do so.

After three hours, he begins to vomit in the waiting room, so he is finally placed in a room to wait for a doctor.

Thirty minutes later, the young internist comes in, has the nurse draw labs, who has the hemocultist come down and draw blood, and the tech takes vital signs.

His fever is now spiking. They place him on IV fluids and

They give him a fever reducer and his labs come back with Ebola. The hospital is placed on lock down. However it’s too late. There has been a shift change and the staff that first saw him is now out, home, shopping, eating out, and seeing family and friends.

The cab driver from the day before now has a slight fever, and is still taking fares all over the city and it’s boroughs and.. the airport, where those passengers interact with other people in the airport and all those people board planes for every corner of the planet.

The people who were on the two planes he flew on are all also now showing symptoms and so are people in London, where he had a stopover. Statistically, if you are on a flight of 4 hours or more, and someone on board is ill, you have a 70% chance of getting ill, yourself.  Ebola is currently a disease spread by blood, body fluids and not washing hands.

However, the CDC released a statement and poster on how Ebola was spread by droplets. A day later, they pulled the poster. Hmmmm.

From the New York Post: “The ​U.S. ​​Centers for Disease Control on Thursday yanked a poster off its Web site explaining how Ebola can be spread by contaminated droplets — from a sneeze for example — a day after The Post reported on the frightening revelation.

The fact sheet was taken off line, and a link that led to it a day before now sends viewers to a different page with a different message.” The CDC is lying to us.


So now Ebola is now all over the US.

Now, ask yourself, at what point in time do you stop, going to work, school, church, the grocery store?

If someone in your family becomes infected, what do you do?

Doctor offices ask you about Ebola contamination now, so they will no doubt make you leave and go to the hospital.

Here is where a good repore with your PCP comes in handy. My doctor knows me well enough that I can sometimes get him to just call in an antibiotic, and then if I am not better in a few days, call him back. So go to a Doctor, every six months, so they know that you are not a hypochondriac or a drug seeker, and talk to them about what will they do if you are too sick to come into the office.  Ask them, after a few visits, what is their policy about an Ebola outbreak, or something like that. Will they call in medications..or send you to the ER?

pandemic sneeze

Picture from


Week two: Everyone stops going to work, even the police, firemen, Doctors and Nurses.

You cannot get food, medical attention, prescriptions, even FEMA reservists and national guard will not respond. Martial law is declared.

Week three: People begin to starve and venture out to steal and kill for food and water and gasoline. They justify murder because their kids are hungry.

Week four: People are really desperate. The unburied dead begin to smell.

Cholera could be a problem now. Water sources and purification will be extremely important now.  You can only go three days without water. Two people need 55 gallons of water, per month. Water weighs 8lbs per gallon.

A person can go 45 days without food, but after the first three weeks, you will be too weak to forage, or defend yourself.

Fema has a pandemic plan in place, which includes medical waste disposal and large amounts of scrubs and biohazard suits. And no doubt, body bags.

FEMA will plan for the following:

Essential functions are those functions that enable an organization to:

  • Provide vital services.
  • Exercise civil authority.
  • Maintain the safety and well-being of the general population.

Sustain the industrial and economic base during an emergency.

They will set up a five deep command structure that is geographically dispersed, to keep and update vital information, to provide security and personal information concerns are addressed.

The workforce may be reduced by as much as 40% with employees who are sick or have family that is sick, or are afraid of becoming ill. Thus communication through phones, laptops and smart phones will be vital. A JFO, or  Joint Field Office, where local, state and federal disaster employees will go, with generators and food and water, will be set up. Often in the state capital, but in a large disaster, more local offices might be set up. They will be heavily guarded, because if the entire system breaks down, there will be even more chaos.

Employees will be encouraged to telework. Disaster assistance applications will probably be only for public assistance to towns and states for repayment of the costs of overtime, supplies and equipment costs. This will be taken online.

FEMA states that disruptions in critical sectors, such as utilities, banking, and communications, may cause cascading events and the disruption of routine operations and services. Therefore, It will be necessary to plan for possible interruptions and replenishment of supplies.

Disaster planners will develop standby contracts to ensure delivery of critical supplies and services. These contracts for goods and services are negotiated before an incident occurs and activated when the suppliers are contacted after the incident. Since a pandemic will affect the entire local population, it is important that contract suppliers have a pandemic plan in place, themselves.

Also the need for identifying alternate suppliers if standby contractors are at risk for pandemic exposure.

Supplies and generator fuel for 12 weeks, the initial first wave, should be stockpiled. So when you hear that FEMA is stockpiling food and water, it’s because it is only prudent to do so in advance, not after the horse has left the barn. Which is why we should prep for 6 months to a year.

Remember, Ebola has been around for decades and there is no cure yet.

Once the growing season starts, even if you have seeds and a garden space, it takes 90 days for some plants to bear fruit, and if you have enough water for them.

Then you have to guard your food.

Hydroponics will help in winter and sprouts are a good, quick, food source for fresh vegetables. Broccoli, alfalfa, and bean sprouts are nutritious.

Are you willing to kill a parent with a staving family, for food. You need to decide that now.

You should belong to a mag group, or mutual assistance group, because there is safety in numbers.

Think of how you will defend you family, and supplies.

Money, after a few weeks, will be worthless. The currency will become food, water and fuel. Also booze and cigarettes, and drugs. Illegal and pharmaceutical.

You should stockpile a year of medications, including antibiotics.

Keep your vaccinations up to date, for you and your pets to. You don’t want to die of tetanus or fido to get rabies.

Both are 100% fatal, unless you get early attention, and it’s often too late, once symptoms show up.

If it’s a flu pandemic, get the flu shot. Even if you still get a flu that the shot does not cover, it will still provide some antibody protection.

pandemic who alert system chart

So now, today, you need to:

Stockpile 6 months to a year of food, medications, antibiotics and other medical supplies. Over the counter medications like aspirin, fever reducers, cold medication, cough medication, bandages, soap, Clorox, Lysol spray, toilet paper, heavy duty duct tape, N95 CDC approved masks with two way valves and plastic sheeting. (make sure you get real N95 masks, there are a lot of cheap fakes out there. Get CDC approved ones. Two way valves make the mask more comfortable and your glasses or goggles don’t fog up.) You can buy your own biohazard suits. Solar water shower bags. Garbage bags, plans for waste disposal.

Stockpile prescription medicines and antibiotics. (see previous blog on this)

Food for pets. Flea treatment. Fleas can kill your pet.

Stockpile clean and potable water, like rain barrels, and locate sources of water and ways to purify them without electricity.

Stockpile fuel, such as gasoline, propane, charcoal and wood.

Weapons for self-defense, and decide when and how you will defend yourself.

Plan to group together with family or neighbors, because there is safety in numbers, and it’s easy to lose control when you are by yourself.

Seed for future food replacement. Bug and pest killer. Fertilizer and bags of soil. Soil and sand not only can be used to deflect bullets, but insulate against radiation.

Vitamins to supplement a less than ideal meal plan.

Extra contacts, readers and eye glasses.

Money and barter supplies. (food, water and medicine will become very valuable)

Wind up radios, communication with the outside world will be vital.

Communication plans for the family.

What to do if someone gets sick or dies at your shelter.

Hopefully, martial law and some luck will restore our civilization in a few months, but you can’t wait till it hits the news that Ebola, an alien virus, or even the H1N1 is out.

FEMA has stockpiled food and water for its people, and a small percent of the American population, you need to do it now, for you and yours, too.

flu pandemic be prepared



Prepping from the Dollar Store

dollar tree 4washcloths!dollar treetoothbrush and paste

Most of us don’t have a ton of extra income, so when it comes to prepping, it often takes a back seat to every day expenses. After all, Jay Leno used to have a segment called “Things found at the dollar store”. There were creepy toys, and my favorite, a small toilet, that when you lifted the lid, had lip gloss in it!
This Christmas, we cracked the whole store up when we found some wood signs that were supposed to say “WISH” with a Christmas tree as the “I”. but, it looked like and “A”. therefore it said “WASH”. So, as a prank to the three guys living next door, we hung the “wash” sign on their front door, because their yard is always junked up. They never caught on.

Dollar store items are often overruns, have minor defects, and often are major brands. Here is a list of things to look for in dollar stores. And always check the expiration dates!
Over the counter medications. Why spend five dollars or more when you can get aspirin. Acetaminophen, allergy medications, Imodium, triple antibiotic cream,( we even found some with zink and some with silver) and more for a dollar! Here is where a smart phone comes in handy. You know that for a dollar you aren’t going to get 100 pills, sometimes only a few, so check the prices and compare with other stores.
Band-Aids, gauze, tape, elastic support bandages, wrist, ankle and knee supports. Don’t forget the icy hot muscle relaxing pads. I keep them in my suitcase, for when I overdo when I travel, and my bug out bag, too.
Security items: Door stops can keep, or delay people from entering a door. I use them in hotels as well as putting Band-Aids over hotel room peep holes so no one can spy on you.
Board games. Yep, checker, backgammon, playing cards, and balls. Boredom is bad, especially when there are kids.
Hoola hoops and jump ropes are good exercise in a small space, like a bunker or a tent.
Clothes line is good for more than clothes.
Plastic tubs galore! Good for storage, washing yourself in, washing clothes and dishes…
Cleaning supplies of all kinds.
Zip lock and other plastic bags
Blanket and garment storage bags.. not very thick but they keep the bugs out.
Duct tape, electrical tape, wire, nails and screws, screwdrivers and wrenches, flashlights, little pocket fans, garbage bags.
Small bags and even kid sized backpacks.Diabetic socks.

Pet supplies: food, collars, leashes, litter,  puddle pads, which work great as kennel liners.

Food! I have found tuna, salmon and spam in foil pouches, which are great for bug out bags. Protein in a lightweight, slim pouch.

Boxed milk. Yes, it’s real and tastes good. Their expiration dates are months away, unlike regular milk, does not require refrigeration, but don’t get them hot, and they even last longer in the fridge when opened. I keep it around for when I don’t want to make a trip to the store.
Condiments: all kinds can be found here including sea salt, mustard with turmeric, hot sauce, spaghetti and sauces, parmesan cheese, ( check the cellulose levels ) boredom is bad for people in survival mode. Ever gone to the kitchen hungry and just didn’t want anything you had on hand? That’s food boredom. So when you prep, remember to get a huge variety of things you and/or your family, eat every month, like Mexican, Asian, Italian. Juices, powder drink additives..avoid ones with equal! (aspartame) and spices to pep the taste buds.
Clothes: Think socks, gloves, and hats.
little miniature cloth wash cloths shrunk to the size of a small block, that when placed in water, spooing! (often called towels and have cartoon and super heroes on them.)
We have seen lots of brand name food and merchandise at dollar stores, sometimes it was made for a foreign country and did not sell well. We have gotten t-shirts, towels, lots of kitchen stuff, aluminum pans.
The cooking bags you sometimes see during the holidays can be used as crock pot/pot liners for easy cleanup. Really good when water is in short supply.
And speaking of the Holidays..seasonal items are always a time to get deals, like nuts for cheap, $1.00 solar yard lights, etc.
Solar lights? Yes, lighting up your perimeter is always a good idea, and you can even place them out of reach in trees or on the house to keep prowlers from destroying them.
Things not worth getting:
Potting soil, you get about 5lbs for a dollar when lowes and Home depot have 20lbs for less than $3.00.
Seeds..I have bought them several times and never had anything produce. So, poor quality seeds.

Never knew you could get so much eh? And different locations of the same stores will often have different items, check out stores around you and when you travel. Dollar Tree stores have where you can order cases online, and have them shipped for store pickup, for free.
Now grab those dollars and go shopping!

dollar tree 1dollare tree 2dollar tree 3Items at the dollar store

Don’t be overwhelmed when you start.

Don’t be overwhelmed!

I attend local prepper meet ups and sometimes newcomers are overwhelmed. Especially when they hear experienced preppers talking about buying property to bug out to, bunkers, years of food stored up…etc. It’s easy to get discouraged, and when you hear wealthy preppers who can lay down thousands on preps, you can give up.  Look at my blog on prepping on a budget and I will give you a brief synopsis here.

Money! Set aside a small weekly budget. Ask family and friends to give you gift cards for stores that have supplies, like lowes, Home Depot, Harbor Freight, the grocery store. Don’t tell them you are a prepper unless they are like minded and are prepping too.

Food and water are musts, so simply look for sales and buy a few extra cans of food every time you shop. Budget $20.00 a week. Don’t store water in milk jugs, toxins can leach in from cement floors and they eventually leak, Thicker juice bottles or gallon thick, water bottles are good for the short term.

Sign up on these sites for emails:

Big Lots..if there is one near you. Every few months, they have a friends and family event which is 20% off everything in the store from food and water to mattresses, tents, furniture, grills, paper goods, pet supplies and more.  Save up for these events.

Emergency essentials. They have water containers in many sizes, and canned and pouches of freeze dried food and MRE’s. They have daily and monthly sales.

The web sites for Legacy, Mountain House and Augason Farms. They also have freeze dried foods that are a must for long term food supplies, and include a good selection of Gluten Free foods and powdered milk that actually tastes good.

Northern Tools has coupons every week.

Harbor Freight has coupons and free stuff, like led flashlights, small tools, etc, Whatever you don’t use can be saved for barter.

If you are canning, buy reusable lids! Standard lids seal one time only, but those lids can be used to store dry goods. However, buy a good food sealer. They seal everything, like 5lb bags of sugar and salt, spices, food to be frozen and some bags can even go from the freezer to a boiling pot for a quick meal.

The dollar store! You can get boxed milk that lasts for months on the shelf and lasts longer in the fridge, for a buck a quart.  Make sure you check the expiration dates. Medications and first aid supplies can also be found at the dollar store as well as paper goods, juices, snacks, spices, vegetable oil, towels, games, cheap utensils and cleaning supplies. Maintaining a sanitary environment is very, very, important. You can die from dysentery and spreading diseases and viruses, and food poisoning, just from improper sanitation.

Games. Those are important because people and children when they are bored, get into arguments and trouble. So checkers, balls, paints and coloring books and crayons, jump ropes, which provide exercise in a small space, hula hoops, whistles, which are important for getting help. All sorts of games can be found at the dollar store, and the cheap butterfly nets are good for catching fish and scooping debris out of ponds. Let your children pick out the toys that can be used over and over again to get them involved.

End of season sales! You can pick up everything from tents to grills to clothing at these, so shop every season.

Flea Markets and antique stores.. A good source for hand tools, cast iron pots and pans.

Bug out locations and storage. Briefly, rental storage places are great for storing items that are not heat of cold sensitive, like tents, cots, toilet, pet kennel or break down pen, bedding in plastic storage bags, paper supplies, also sealed in plastic so rats won’t nest in the toilet paper. Zip loc makes huge 2X storage bags that are great for everything, non, food. grills, (but not fuel) wood, yep stores that sell small bundles of wood put them on sale in the spring, so buy a few of them to store. But remember, wood does attract some bugs, so keep the wood off the floor and away from food.   Foods that never die:

Rice, salt, sugar, corn starch, honey. These can be stored in air tight containers in the heat and cold, but they can crystalize and clump, but are still edible. We store ours in coolers we get on sale, not only are they vermin proof, but anyone walking by won’t see pails of food.

With a storage place, you have more room in your home/apartment for food and water and a place you can bug out to to get the rest of your preps and even live in, but remember that they don’t lock on the inside, so you will have to figure out a way to lock intruders out. Important! Get a storage facility without a fence and gate. If the power is out, how do you get in?

If you have your own home get a rent to own storage barn. If you are a renter, get a small, transportable tool shed. They have them at lowes and Home depot. Some of these even have extenders and connectors, so you can add to your storage unit as you can afford it.

Your automobile. Think of how you are going to bug out. Now if cars are working, and say you get advance notice and can bug out, then how much can you put in your vehicle? We had two compact cars and now we have a minivan with all the back seats taken out and a roof rack and soft shell topper, and a used 4X4 AWD small bed pickup truck with roomy back seats. We can put pets and clothes in the inside and everything else on the outside and roof. Something to consider the next time you buy.

So this is what all experienced, budget minded, preppers do. Think prep everywhere you go and every time you shop. Saving money in one area lets you have money for other things, like a bug out location.

storage building types


Clothing preps

Clothing, now that is something a lot of people take for granted. But we all need clothes, especially in winter and since many of us don’t stay outdoors for hours in the cold, it’s amazing how fast you realise how poor that winter coat you have is in keeping you warm, especiialy when it’s raining. When I went to Alaska many years ago, we ordered guranteed water PROOF jackets from a top outdoorsman clothing company. The first time we got caught in an Alaska downpour, my coat leaked. I returnned it and they gave me my money back, no excuses. But finding a true waterproof coat is nearly impossible, So, I got a good coat, and cover it with a rain poncho. Get clothes you can layer, so you don’t have to pack as much. “Never Wet” by Black and Decker works good for waterproofing, but washes off in the laundry. It’s good for clothing and another type is good for other things, but can leave a white residue.
Buy new clothes for your preps. Why? Because you don’t want to have clothes that are already worn and given out if you have to go a year or more without stores and textile manufacturers. But always keep some worn clothes for public viewing, you don’t want people in the general public to know you are a prepper. Have some camo clothes for hunting and concealment, but don’t have everything camo, so people won’t go “That’s a prepper, and they have guns and supplies”. Don’t forget underware and bras as well as thermals and tank tops. Hats for summer and winter and gloves. Put them away in thick, plastic bags. There are several companies that have them and the ones you can squeese the air out of economise space. Off season is the best time to buy and with this mild winter, stores have winter clothes up to 90% off. don’t forget shoes and thick socks, but break in the shoes, so you know they are comfortable, before you store them away.
This is also a good time to buy totes, as many stores have them on sale and will for “Spring Cleaning” and blankets, towels and sheets will go on the sale at the useual “white sales” in January.
Clearance sales will be happening on prepper shops on stables like food, as stores try to get rid of inventory in January for taxes. Check them out, there are some excellent deals to be had.

What is “B” income and why you should have it

B income is a secondary income. All super professional people have multiple streams or back up income sources. Donald Trump has hundreds, including his real estate investment seminars.  Warren Buffett bought out The Pampered Chef and now owns it.  The first reason is obvious, you lose your job, and you have other money coming in to pay bills until you get another job, or you take that money and save it, or you take that money and live a little, like go on vacations. Which most of the people I know, do a little of both.  My parents died young and never got to do the things they planned to do when they retired, so I travel all I can with my extra income.

MLMs or multi-level marketing had received a bad name with pyramids like Amway, where only the top level people received any benefit and a super hard sales pitch.  But others have thrived, Avon had it’s biggest year last year in part because it doesn’t cost a lot to become a sales person, and you start making income the moment you sell their product,  You also benefit, because you get the product at a reduced price.   Tupperware is also like that. I just bought $100.00 worth of Tupperware at a home show, because it’s still so much better quality than anyone else.  Now most of these are marketed toward women, and that limits you. However, I still recommend them.   You could do  what I did and spend every weekend at flea markets, selling things for cheap, and setting up and tearing down and getting sunburned, and using up every weekend, to make money that just wasn’t worth it.  I tried selling in marketplaces, where I paid a small rent and didn’t have to be there, but the rent was often a break even most months, so no profit.

I get emails all the time telling me about different B income sources, and I have looked at many of them.  I have been invited to invest in prepper marketed inventions, and all of the ones I  mentioned above.  The best one I have come across was one that markets to everyone and it’s something we all do, and we enjoy. Travel.   A very successful business man I know told me to look at a video online and call him back when it was through. It was the best B income I  I used  had seen, ever. I used to be a corporate travel agent, so I know something is good when I see it.  I did some research and found out that this is a Fortune 500 company, who was audited for 3 years by Ernst and Young, top auditors in the US.  and they received the top Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2009, the top prize at the Travel Awards, in 2010 and now #47 in sales for like companies, just last month.  So they are no fly by night and no scam.  Did you watch the Super Bowl?  Did you see someone holding up a  blue sign with    “You Should Be Here”?  I did and that is their company. Therefore I endorse this company as well. And unlike other great companies like Avon, who have been around for decades, this company is fairly new, and you can join at the bottom, before everyone else joins.. And another thing is, you join, enjoy the benefit of reduced travel and never have to be a sales rep.  Wow!  Here is the web address of the video that I was shown. select option 2 and watch.  When you decide to join, go to:   select the “Become a Member”   That’s all.  Any questions, just message me.

B income is important to everyone.  More money is always good.  The richest people in the world have products we use all the time, like Facebook or the internet, but we never get any money back from them. That’s why MLM’s can be good investments of time and money. You use the product, you get it at a discounted price, and you can sell it to your friends and family.

Second jobs are guaranteed money. The traditional route is you can get a part time job at Christmas, or a seasonal job at a theme park, or even a sports venue in the summer.  Consider fast food or restaurant jobs. Don’t laugh, because you always get to eat cheap, or free, when you work and can often take home food left over at the end of the night.

So watch the video, for Worldventures, because everyone likes to travel for cheap, look around and go with a proven company. My sister was selling Avon when she was 14, to supplement her allowance, and to get to wear makeup.   You can start young or retired, and even disabled, and get B income.

Vaccinations when TSHTF

Immigrants from outside the US have brought back diseases like mumps, measles, whooping  cough and polio, back into our country.  The CDC states that anyone who got their MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) shot  before 1969, needs a new booster. I got mine today.  There is no excuse for not getting every vaccine you can. I have cancer and cannot get vaccines with live viruses in them like the shingles vaccine, but believe me, after seeing what my brother has endured now for four years, when he got shingles and the relentless nerve pain, afterward. I would if I could.

Think of this for awhile.  Say something terrible happens tomorrow and drug companies cannot get the supplies to make vaccines, or medications, What will you do?  Later I will take on the medication problem, but since some vaccines have to be taken again, every few years, like tetanus, you need to stay on top of your shots. Tetnus is a terrible way to die and hard to diagnose. This from the WebMD site: “It is seldom possible to find either the bacterium or the toxin in a suspected tetanus patient, so diagnosis can be made only on the basis of clinical observations combined with an individual’s history of tetanus immunization.”  By the time you show symptoms, you will probably die by siezing to death and it can take weeks of agony, to die.  So a little shot does not seem so bad now, does it?  Get this shot every eight years, and the Tdap is Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, so you get three for one.  Don’t wait ten years, like some people say, because if you wait, think  how much time you will have left if you can’t get it anymore and there are  no hospitals.

Get heaptitus  shots (three shots in a series) hepatitus A, pnumonia, polio, shingles if you can get it safely, tuberculosis, and typhoid.  Polio used to be a live virus, but since 2000 the US uses the dead  version, but since it is not as strong, you also need to get it in three doses. If you got one or two in the past,  WebMd also says you can get the rest  no matter how long it has been from the first ones. Another shot you can get is rabies for humans, it is also a three shot series and is not covered by most insurance unless you are exposed.  It lasts about two years, and if exposed, like an animal bite, you still have to undergo the 5 shot series with another shot right away, right into the wound.

Any tales you have heard about vaccines making us sterile or docile is just related to the flu shot, but I can tell you I am just as fiesty as ever, and I get it every year.   Also remember that the shot takes an average of two weeks to become effective.   I get my flu shot in late August, when those germ carriers go back to school and sickness has a closed space to spread in.

Another factoid to think of, well,, actually two. When I had cancer, and was in an isolation room, I got the stomach virus from the guy across the hall. He got it from his grandchildren visiting him, because their parents thought it was ok. Really?  And I got it from dietary and the nurses and techs not following universal precautions.  So if medical people can’t follow their procedures in a hospital setting, what happens when ebola gets here with an 60-80% mortality rate? The second factoid is, over 40% of people freely admit they don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom.  People die, because someone didn’t wash their hands or keep their sick kids at home.

Get the flu shot, and no, it is impossible to get the flu from the shot, it’s a dead virus, but you since the shot only protects against three or four of the average eight flu viruses going around each year, and of course, they mutate, then you just got one of the other flu not covered by that year’s shot. Just like what happened this year, the flu mutated,  But I only had the flu for three days, because the flu shot helped. nearly 100 people died in NC alone, from the flu this year. Most of them did not get the flu shot because of stupid urban rumors.  Stupidity kills.

Now, your pets, yep them too. In India, they have the largest population of feral dogs in the world.  Thousand of their citizens die from rabies, every year, because they won’t kill the dogs and they don’t vaccinate, either.   So, if you are a fool and don’t get your pets vaccinated for: rabies, distimper, feline lukemia for cats, parvo, for dogs, at least every year, or as indicated,  you will not only be responsible for their suffering, but possibly your death, or your kid’s, as well from rabies.   Rabies shots can be good for as long as three years, in low risk areas, but yearly in a high risk area. 3 years is stretching it.  You can in some areas, buy animal vaccines. Check with your vet, or ask a local farmer with livestock. then you can stockpile vaccines for your pet, just in case.

So do the right thing, get everyone you care about, vaccinated. Stay on top of it, and be well.


Prepping on a Budget

Well, so you are going to prepare for disasters. Good for you.  Now if you are like most people, you need to make your money count, and I will start with shelter.  SIP or shelter in place is the least expensive form. If you have a basement, even better.  However, a full, underground basement has limited access and egress, so you want to  think about being trapped. Don’t want to stay at home? Consider A canvas tent, although they are more expensive than a tent you buy at walmart, they last a lot longer. But we will touch on shelter in detail, later, You just need to think about your options now.There are ways to fortify your home or apartment, but that is another blog.  Secondly, water. You need 2 quarts of water per person per day and water for  our pets as well. Water weighs 7lbs per gallon.  Those 55 gallon water barrels seem great, but try to move it. However, there are smaller 5 and 15 gallon units out there and they are on wheels. They run around $40.00 and you can store several of them as you can afford them .This is a good start as the barrel is around $199.00 and then you need the siphon, etc.  You will need water stabilizer.  This will kill off algie and that lovely slime that sets up in water that sits too long. Don’t use milk jugs!  They will eventually errode and start to leak, however, thicker bottles that juce comes in are fine for a cheap alternative. Water bob, is a huge bag you place in your bathtub and fill for short term use. and costs around $30.00. Because if it’s in the tub, you have to bathe somewhere else. Speaking of bathing, solar showers can be found for under $10.00.  You will need to bathe. You can also get adult baby wipes.  Potable water is water you can bathe in or use to flush the toilet. you can store it without stabilizer, just remember to keep them labled, The average toilet takes3-5 gallons to flush. And yes, you can use the toilet if the water is off. However…in a long term situation where the city/county wast treatment plant isn’t puming, sewage may back up in the lines. This is a good reason to have a back flow valve on your lines near the street.  If you have septic and a pump, better get a solar generator for backup power.  They are pricey, but fuel generators will eventually run out of fuel, depending on how much gas you can store safely. We have a dog pen in our back yeard, and we store our gas cans in it, inside a rubbermaid chest.  We lock the chest and the pen door. Also a tip, if you have a riding lawn mower, it will hold 5 gallons or more of gas, and most thieves don’t think to ssteal gas from a lawnmower. Remeber to use gas stabilizer for gas that is stored more than a month.  Northern tools has 2 large, rolling gas cans thaat hold 14 gallons of gas. you can get the gravity fed nozzel  tank or one with a battery pump on it, but it costs more. Storing gas is a good idea now, while prices are low. Just remember to rotate all supplies, gas, food, water.Food! you can go up to 40+ days without food, but the longer you go, the weaker you get, and if you are a diabetic, you can die even sooner. There are several foods that never go bad, kept cool and dry. Salt, sugar, honey, rice, vinegar, cornstarch, hard liquor, and pure vanilla extract.
Cheap food..first, know when food goes on sale. Condiments go on sale every 4th of July and Mememorial day, stock up on them then.  Canned sweet potatoes, green beans, etc, go on sale around Thanksgiving.  Shop those sales! Walmart now has many canned vegetables for 50 cents a can.  Make sure you check the experation dates. Canned food, kept in a cool area, can even be eaten a year after it expires.  Buy food you eat all the time, then buy some food you eat once in awhile, to give you variety. Food boredom is something you have to consider, especially with kids.  Spices. get them at the dollar stores, and seal them. A food sealer is a good investment. the thicker bags keep out more than frostbite. On non parishable goods like spices, rice, sugar, etc, they keep out critters.  Coolers!  they aren’t just for beer. They make great critter proof storage for dry goods.  We go to auctions and pick up even huge coolers for cheap. You have to protect you food, or when disaster strikes, and you go to your food storage and find rats, weavels, cockroaches and ants in your food, you won’t be happy. Don’t forget the pickles! pickled food has been around since the middle ages, but get them in glass jars, plastic leaches oxygen and even picks up flavors from sitting on cement floors.  So pickles and add some sauces, like steak sauce, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, salsa to add to foods and kick up the flavor. Mustard keeps a long time, too. Get mustard with tumeric in it, for the added health benifit. Remember, in a long term disaster, you will need your vitamins and fiber. Make your food count!  Get foods like sweet potatoes and carrots that have betacarotine in them , add dried fruits ando your food preps, and don’t forget to add something sweet. Chocolate, honey, jams and peanutbutter are good things to have on hand for your sweet tooth and comfort food needs.  Yes, MRE’s and freeze dried foods like Mountain House are also a good investment, sign up on sites selling those foods, and watch for their sales. The pilot crakers are good for cheese, peanut butter, meatloaf, and any mini sandwich you desire, even with gravy.  Big Lots stores have a Buzz Club you can join and a few times a year they have a 20% off coupon they will email you for anything in the store, and that’s for everything you buy.  Hodgkin Mill gluten free mixes can be bought there, libby brand sausage gravy is great, and is also found there.So this will get you started.  Shop the sales, sign up for sale emails and discounts, think ahead and get going! Next we will talk about bug out bag